The World is Flat After All

16 July–27 August 2022

The Supper House

Singapore, Singapore

Group Exhibition
Curated by Ashley Chiam

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Review by Usha Chandradas for Plural Mag:

The exhibition considers the notion of flatness and ties it into that famous bit of historical fake news that the “world is flat.” The show’s title The World Is Flat After All immediately evokes the very real contemporary concerns about the spreading of misinformation and the sinister pervasiveness of data mining in this (sometimes rather terrifying) digital age.

The World Is Flat After All is a coming together of friends, art, fashion and fun — no more and no less. It’s inspiring on many levels — showing that one can find beauty and connectedness in all kinds of different art forms and that art can truly be found everywhere, not just in the closed-off homes of chi-chi collectors and cold institutional museums. While the exhibition may not necessarily be ‘high art’ in the traditional or more conventional sense of the phrase, it’s a great example of how wonderful things can happen when friends and creatives come together spontaneously in unusual spaces.