Veneer & Visage

12 February–06 March 2022

The Supper House

Singapore, Singapore

Group Exhibition
Curated by Weiqin Chay

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Excerpt from Weiqin Chay, and review by Weiqi Yap for Fashion & Market:

“Veneer & Visage” delves into the ways identities are projected when (un)covering the facade of one’s appearance. In attempting to peel away these layers on the surface, we explore how the veneer as an in-between space filters, obfuscates, and reshapes how one is perceived.

⁣Featured exhibits include fashion, textile composition, sculpture, and digital painting by six multidisciplinary Singaporean artists who tap on their personal narratives to create artworks that reimagine the ‘face’. The works are aptly situated in the beautiful interior of the design house, Supper House which aims to be a point of congregation for diverse creative fields.


Veneer and Visage is an art and fashion exhibition staged at Supper House, an interdisciplinary space for creatives nestled in an industrial building on Tagore Lane in Singapore. Curated by Weiqin Chay, the exhibition seeks to explore “the ways identities are projected when (un)covering the facade of one’s appearance.” The exhibition’s premise is a topical one, as masking and concealing one’s face continues to be a mandatory safety measure in many places around the world. It is not uncommon for fashion exhibitions to respond to cultural events—galleries and museums have long drawn on historical events as points of curatorial germination. Most recently, the ICOM Costume Committee unveiled ‘Clothing the Pandemic’, a virtual exhibition of Covid-19 face masks curated by museums worldwide, including masks from the collections of Singapore’s Asian Civilisations Museum.