Nature & Now: Asian Art in Focus

18 March–15 May 2023

Friedrichs Pontone

New York, USA

Group Exhibition
Curated by Friedrichs Pontone

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Press Release from Friedrichs Pontone:

Friedrichs Pontone presents Nature and Now: Asian Art in Focus, featuring the work of 10 emerging and established artists of Asian heritage. The exhibition showcases the unique perspectives and creative styles of a diverse and talented group of Asian artists who are making significant contributions to the contemporary art world.

This exciting exhibition highlights stunning works by contemporary artists who reinterpret traditions in dynamic and innovative ways. Across painting, sculpture, and new media installations, each artist uses experimentation to draw on both Eastern and Western art-making practices, materials, and cultural iconography, creating a dialogue across diverse artistic, social, historical, and cultural traditions.

Grappling with nature and identity, the artists in Nature and Now: Asian Art in Focus are pushing boundaries, manipulating materials, and developing unique artistic processes that summon memories of the past in order to subvert the visual language of tradition, move beyond its specter, and forge new currents in Asian art.