Serving Thots

09 June–18 June 2023

UltraSuperNew Gallery

Singapore, Singapore

Group Exhibition
Curated by Dylan Chan

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Press Release by Dylan Chan:

Re-centering the male gaze through the queer lens, Serving Thots, is a tongue-in-cheek titled exhibition that unites the works of six emerging artists straddling both realms of art and fashion. Questioning the oppressive mechanisms of the Cisgendered-Hetero male gaze that perpetuates the objectification of marginalised bodies and reinforces other societal hierarchies, we invite viewers to critically examine the power dynamics embedded within the simple acts of looking and perceiving.

In the realm of the queer gaze, the positioning and presentation of the body becomes a crucial line of inquiry. Contemplating the queer figure that dances at the periphery of the everyday, a phantom of our social landscape that reveals itself to those who know where to look, this presentation questions where that queer figure truly stands, between visibility and invisibility, presence and absence. As we move into an age of heightened acceptance in society of queerness, there are still many narratives untold from the sidelines.

Working within this liminal space, the artists question the boundaries of representation, through abstract forms, colours, and textures, queer abstraction disrupts normative frameworks, allowing for a more fluid and nuanced exploration of identity and desire. It invites us to embrace ambiguity, to question fixed categories, and to celebrate the multiplicity of queer experiences.

The show is an exuberant celebration of audacity and self awareness, daring to challenge existing norms. We invite you to experience this vibrant intersection of art, fashion, and identity, in a space where each artist serves their interpretation of the world and their experiences, encouraging viewers to look beyond conventional perspectives.