KONNECT ASEAN Chiang Mai Print Residency Exhibition

28 July–18 August 2023

Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre

Chiang Mai, Thailand

21 November–31 December 2023

ASEAN Culture House

Busan, Republic of Korea

Group Exhibition
Curated by Benjamin Hampe 
Co-curated by Gridthiya Gaweewong 

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I’m Not Ready to Be Mortal Again (2023)


Press Release by Benjamin Hampe:

The KONNECT ASEAN residency programme was in collaboration with seven print studios in Chiang Mai. The initiative connected young Korean and Southeast Asian artists, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and techniques to produce high-quality prints using traditional methods. By preserving and practicing traditional printing techniques, this project serves as a testament to the enduring value of fine art printmaking in the contemporary art landscape.

The fruits of their labor are showcased at the esteemed Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center and ASEAN Culture House in Busan, where the public have the opportunity to marvel at the exquisite and diverse prints created during the residency. Following the exhibition, print editions will find permanent homes in the collections of the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, ASEAN Cultural Center in Bangkok, and ASEAN Culture House.

ASEAN's commitment to fostering people-to-people exchange in the arts sector has been evident since its inception over 50 years ago. This dedication created a unique space for artistic discourse, embracing pluralistic notions of regional artistic identity and aesthetics. It is truly one of ASEAN's great legacies. In the face of the isolation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, initiatives like the KONNECT ASEAN Chiang Mai Print Residency play a crucial role in bridging nations and cultures, reconnecting us, and paving the way for a brighter future for all. Artists and their artworks serve as tangible and dynamic connections to the world, fostering diplomatic efforts, deepening connections, and promoting mutual understanding and goodwill, vital for the resilient communities that underpin our future prosperity. This project showcases the determination of our region as we navigate these uncertain times together, united by the power of artistic expression.

Serving Thots

09 June–18 June 2023

UltraSuperNew Gallery

Singapore, Singapore

Group Exhibition
Curated by Dylan Chan

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We're Always Going in Circles, I'm Tired (2023)
I’d Love to See You Fall Again (2023)
That's Where I Draw the Line (2023)


Press Release by Dylan Chan:

Re-centering the male gaze through the queer lens, Serving Thots, is a tongue-in-cheek titled exhibition that unites the works of six emerging artists straddling both realms of art and fashion. Questioning the oppressive mechanisms of the Cisgendered-Hetero male gaze that perpetuates the objectification of marginalised bodies and reinforces other societal hierarchies, we invite viewers to critically examine the power dynamics embedded within the simple acts of looking and perceiving.

In the realm of the queer gaze, the positioning and presentation of the body becomes a crucial line of inquiry. Contemplating the queer figure that dances at the periphery of the everyday, a phantom of our social landscape that reveals itself to those who know where to look, this presentation questions where that queer figure truly stands, between visibility and invisibility, presence and absence. As we move into an age of heightened acceptance in society of queerness, there are still many narratives untold from the sidelines.

Working within this liminal space, the artists question the boundaries of representation, through abstract forms, colours, and textures, queer abstraction disrupts normative frameworks, allowing for a more fluid and nuanced exploration of identity and desire. It invites us to embrace ambiguity, to question fixed categories, and to celebrate the multiplicity of queer experiences.

The show is an exuberant celebration of audacity and self awareness, daring to challenge existing norms. We invite you to experience this vibrant intersection of art, fashion, and identity, in a space where each artist serves their interpretation of the world and their experiences, encouraging viewers to look beyond conventional perspectives.

Diverse Visions

01 April–22 April 2023

Richard Koh Fine Arts

Singapore, Singapore

Group Exhibition
Curated by Richard Koh Fine Arts

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You’re Projecting Again (2022–2023)


Excerpt from Richard Koh Fine Arts:

"Diverse Visions" presents a convergence of artists from across Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, providing an opportunity to explore the artistic diversity of Southeast Asia and appreciate the unique visions of some of the region's emerging artists. The exhibition features the works of Phuc Then Hang, Pen Robit, Pachara Piyasongsoot. Eiffel Chong, Harfendi Anuar, Hasanul Isyraf Idris, Samuel Xun, Mengju Lin, Ivan David Ng, and Faris Nakamura.

Each of the artists featured in this exhibition brings their own unique perspective and style to the works on display. Tne works are inspired by a range of sources, including personal experiences, local customs, and contemporary events, providing visitors with a glimpse into the artists’ perspectives. Whether through vibrant colours, intricate details, or abstract compositions, each artist offers a different avenue into the rich cultural and historical context of Southeast Asia. These works are a testament to the region's growing impact on the global art scene, and provide a glimpse into the artistic and cultural richness of the region.

Nature & Now: Asian Art in Focus

18 March–15 May 2023

Friedrichs Pontone

New York, USA

Group Exhibition
Curated by Friedrichs Pontone

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Psycho Ornamental Ideal Boyfriend II (2022)
Old Habits Cry Hard (2023)


Press Release from Friedrichs Pontone:

Friedrichs Pontone presents Nature and Now: Asian Art in Focus, featuring the work of 10 emerging and established artists of Asian heritage. The exhibition showcases the unique perspectives and creative styles of a diverse and talented group of Asian artists who are making significant contributions to the contemporary art world.

This exciting exhibition highlights stunning works by contemporary artists who reinterpret traditions in dynamic and innovative ways. Across painting, sculpture, and new media installations, each artist uses experimentation to draw on both Eastern and Western art-making practices, materials, and cultural iconography, creating a dialogue across diverse artistic, social, historical, and cultural traditions.

Grappling with nature and identity, the artists in Nature and Now: Asian Art in Focus are pushing boundaries, manipulating materials, and developing unique artistic processes that summon memories of the past in order to subvert the visual language of tradition, move beyond its specter, and forge new currents in Asian art.


12 January–15 January 2023

Marina Bay Sands Expo

Singapore, Singapore

Art Fair
Curated by ART SG & Richard Koh Fine Arts
In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2023

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You’re Projecting Again (2022–2023)


Excerpt from Richard Koh Fine Arts:

Presenting over 150 of the world’s leading galleries, many of whom will be making their Singapore debut, ART SG is the biggest art fair launch in the Asia Pacific in a decade. Taking place across two floors at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, ART SG is accompanied by a line-up of groundbreaking art installations, engaging panel discussions and experimental film.

The presentation aims to provide a survey of Southeast Asian contemporary art, ranging from works inspired by mythology with socio-political commentary embedded in them to direct engagement in one’s natural and social environment. These ideas eventually boil down to two questions: how do we navigate the human experience and grapple with existence?