’’FEMBUOYANT!’’ is that gay boy sitting across from you at every social setting. That bitch is serving you looks, whilst giving you looks. God knows if it’s a he-she-they situation, but it absolutely doesn’t matter. High on helium, miss thing does not clown around, but she’s in on all the jokes. She knows you absolutely LOATHE pink, so she makes it the colour of her choice. That big inflated head of hers keeps you at the edge of your cheap seats, always. You don’t know if you entirely get her, but this for certain, you’ll never be on her level.

At is core, the collection is an exploration of queerness through artifice, irony and high aestheticism. Contextually, the looks are a mishmash of references from icons of high and low camp, translated into a myriad of textiles and silhouettes, accompanied by digital graphic media.