Artworks in order of appearance:


Dinner with the Kushions
Glitter ribbon, metallic polyurethane vinyl, embriodery thread, polyester stuffing
125 x 220 x 5 cm

Part of “Creative Unions”, at Funan Mall, for Singapore Art Week 2021
Curated by Aravin Sandran

As the first mall-wide art activation in Singapore, Creative Unions is a major month-long, art-meets-retail programme at Funan. Envisioning an imaginative and collaborative future for both art and retail industries, it features exciting and unexpected partnerships between Singapore’s artists and Funan’s tenants across fashion, food, lifestyle, technology and experiential trades. Look forward to a unique and rewarding ‘shoppable’ experience that will enrich your understanding of the arts.

In Dinner with the Kushions, Xun employs high aestheticism and materiality as commentary on taste and culture. The soft sculpture
is made with ostentatious and seemingly luxurious textiles. When contrasted with the banality of its modest and commonplace surroundings, the work is seemingly out of place. Open-ended in nature, they depict simplified forms, using satirical and suggestive titles that serve as a direction for thought. The sculptures harbour meditative and tactile components, composed of hundreds of metres of meticulously hand-manipulated iridescent textile material that grace the surfaces of minimalist circular forms. This ambuiguity is intended to force viewers to question the value and the notion of taste and aesthetics - how it is produced, cultivated, nurtured and staged within a public space.